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Renée's vision for

Orange County 

"A challenge before us is to guide this inevitable growth and development while using our financial and other resources wisely and maintaining the character that makes Orange County our home. We are also challenged with assuring that all people of Orange County benefit from our decisions and actions. 


Access to decent affordable housing, reliable transit and broadband continue to be among my priority issues. Also, I will seek to promote opportunities for quality education and living wage jobs, and I am committed to addressing climate change and protecting our sensitive ecosystems. 


Whatever the issues of the day, my ultimate goal, personally and professionally, remains constant—the realization of freedom, equality and justice for all."

Renée Price, August 6th, 2019


"Just as we must

   respect one another,

   we must respect the                 planet on which we live." 

Endorsed by:


Equality North Carolina Action Fund

logo STAR NCSPA 2017.png

North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance


Northern Orange Black Voters Alliance

Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT)

"... we have found Renee to be collaborative, open to new information, respectful to everyone she deals with, and strongly supportive of our values including: sustainability, economic equity, and racial equity."


5090172340219836741 edit.jpg

Renée forges relationships with other elected officials in order to best serve Orange County residents.

Renée with North Carolina District 23 Senator Valerie Foushee.

Unknown edit.jpeg

Renée at a regional summit of county commissioners and town board members. 

2019 Veterans Day-9290 edit.jpg

Renée with U.S. Congressman David Price (representing North Carolina's 4th District) at the 2019 Orange County Veterans Day ceremony.

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