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Serving Orange County

North Carolina

Renée has served on the Board of County Commissioners since 2012, striving to improve the quality of living for the women, men, and children of Orange County.

She is committed to providing access to the services people need, as well as enhancing the community connections that make Orange County the special place it is.



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Renée champions the issues that matter most to Orange County residents, including: 


  • affordable housing 

  • jobs with a living wage 

  • expanded transit  

  • access to broadband internet 

  • promoting small family farms 

  • environmental protection


    “People need the chance to provide           for themselves and their families, 

               to live safely and securely, 

                     with respect and dignity.”

Endorsed by:


Equality North Carolina Action Fund

logo STAR NCSPA 2017.png

North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance

Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT)


Northern Orange Black Voters Alliance



Renée is passionate about connecting people to the beauty, vitality, and history of Orange County - the very elements that enhance our lives and define who we are as a community.

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